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This is the latest iteration of the class website brought about by the hi-tech guru’s at the University. If you find this new version is better than the old, your class officers will bask in the glow of your plaudits. If you think it is more difficult to use and retrieve information, then blame the guru’s. While this page may look different from some of those that follow, it is merely temporary until the conversion is completed.

As before, the goal of the website is to make sure that it is continually updated. Whereas before, we could indicate the date the site was last update, the University has taken away that option.

The image file library has been developed so that if you send me a news item you can also include a JPEG picture of yourself that I can link to the note. If you do, your name will be shown in blue italics. For example, you can click on Denny Strojny’s  name on the CLASS OFFICERS  page his picture will come up. This format will be followed throughout the web.

A number of years ago, after we got up on the internet, one member of the class tried to use the email list as his personal forum. As a result, your officers have determined that certain subject matter should not be disseminated through the class column and by extension, this website. Included are raffle solicitations - other than Fr. Wally Dant's annual raffle for the benefit of his parish, personal E-Bay like sales unless the proceeds go to the class fund, job searches, and political commentary. Personal opinions and concerns about University actions will be forwarded to the University unless they directly impact our class.

Tell us what you would like to see and we will do our best to get it done.

Having said that, you will probably not see anything different from before, just a new style and format. If you would like to have additional web page subjects added, let us know and we will do our best to make the accommodation



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